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Lemon Laws
Wondering if you've got a "LEMON" and you want to know what you can do about it? AUTOPEDIA's award winning Lemon Law coverage can lead you to those answers with it's complete coverage of all the Lemon Law Statutes for all of the 50 States. Find out EXACTLY what your State Law says and WHAT you can do about it. (Includes Attorneys Listings for Free Consultation.)

State-by-State Lemon Law Directories (click on your state)

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington D.C.
West Virginia

"Dealer Fraud" is different from Lemon Laws - Lemon Laws generally cover new vehicles (and some used that are usually still under manufacture warranty), where there is a manufacturer defect that has not been repaired within a specified period of time or repair attempts. However, when you buy a used car and the dealer does not fully disclose the correct history and condition of the car you are buying, that's "Dealer Fraud." Dealer fraud may include but is not limited to: failure to disclose flood damage, prior accident damage, odometer rollback, that the vehicle was a Lemon Law "buy-back," or that the vehicle has a salvage title. The problems with some of these is that they can be life threatening, as in the case of "counterfeit air bags" being installed after an accident, or a damaged frame - much of which does NOT show up on many of those VIN history reports you can purchase.

Increase Your Vehicle's Safety - NOW!
HID "xenon" headlights increase the safety of your vehicle by upgrading your stock or halogen headlights to HID headlights. HID, High Intensity Discharge (also known as "xenon") headlights have no filament in the bulbs to break, are up to 3x brighter, last up to 10x longer, use 35% less power and produce more defined lighting than halogen headlights. Standard equipment on luxury and exotic sports cars, HID headlights are now available for virtually all vehicles at discount prices and can easily be installed with a few common tools. HID headlights improve the safety and the appearance of your vechicle at the same time.(read more...)

Recommended Auto Parts Suppliers
Car parts for cars
Buycarparts.co.uk offers a wide range of original spare parts for all car brands. Whether you need brake discs, catalysts, mirrors or any other parts, you will find everything in the Buycarparts.co.uk online store, with over 500,000 parts for practically every make and model and free DHL shipping on qualified orders

Attention all UK consumers please take the time to visit the new Jennings Motor Group website. AutoPedia® highly recommends Jennings for all your motoring needs. As an official Ford, Mazda, Seat and Kia main Dealer since 1917. Jennings is the north of Englands largest dealer group with over £1 billion turnover - Jennings motor group also offer internet and national delivery to mainland UK. Visit the website www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk for more information, special offers and deals on new and used cars for sale.

AutoPedia® recommends AutoPartsWAY.ca, the largest online auto parts superstore in Canada to all Canadian consumers. With fulfillment centers in every province, orders are delivered quickly with free shipping to your home or business on every order over $100. Better pricing, service, and selection including a full 1-year warranty on every OEM and aftermarket replacement part sold is the AutoPartsWay guarantee. USA customers can shop at AutoPartsWAY.com, and receive the same service and selection from alternators to xenon headlight bulb replacement and everything in between.

If you are looking to enhance your ride with a little glitz, gleam and grace, you cannot go wrong with a little - or a lot - more chrome, like the shimmering grill and other Cadillac Escalade accessories pictured here. Chrome can be pricy, though, so unless you have a very healthy budget, you will have to pick and choose which car accessories you add. Determining the best chrome accessories to complement your car will help you spend your money wisely and get the best bang for your buck.

UK Related Hints and Tips
Autopedia® is starting a new section of hints and tips for our UK visitors. Starting with tips on how to replace those gas struts in your car boots; how to find a second hand car; a used BMW 3-series buyers guide; why you shouldn't completely rely on insurance comparison sites; why the Audi A1 might just be the best hatchback; and how to get a vintage car on the road in the UK.

HOTLINKS - Everything and Anything Automotive
AUTOPEDIA's HOTLINKS are where you will find links to everything and anything automotive on the Internet including Boats, RVs, Motorcycles and SUVs. If you know of anything automotive related that should be linked in AUTOPEDIA® or would like to become an AUTOPEDIA® correspondent from your part of the world, please let us know.

Auto Insurance Check-Up
Official statistics show that you could be paying FOUR TIMES as much as you should be! Check out auto insurance company ratings and reviews at AutoInsurancePedia™ - The Auto Insurance Encyclopedia.

Save up to $600 on your premium, by using this car insurance estimator at CarInsuranceCalculator. Compares multiple quotes.

Save 28% on auto insurance with Esurance. Get your free quote in minutes & start saving today! - Esurance.com
If you want cheap insurance in the U.S.A., go to FullCoverageAutoInsurances.com to compare quotes.
Use the car insurance calculator at CarInsuranceCalculatorOnline.com for estimates on your premium.

Motorbike Safety: A guide
As keen as you may be to hit the open road, make sure you have all the information you need to stay safe when biking. (read more...)

Financing and Leasing
AutoPedia® recommended Financing Sources: AutoPedia® has found three sources for financing you new car or truck whether you have great credit, average credit, or even bad credit. And best of all you can apply online.

Complete financing and leasing information and a side-by-side comparison of Lease vs Financing options available to buyers. Explanation of the different rules of disclosure and of the pitfalls and advantages of both options. See what your monthly loan payments might be with AUTOPEDIA's Loan Payment Calculator.

Finally, AutoPedia® offers you advice on "5 Ways to Save Money on Your Car Payment."

Shipping an Automobile?
AutoPedia® recommends transporting your car with only reputable firms that are licensed with the Department of Transportation. Consumers should choose only firms with many years in the industry and a strong track record of shipping cars both safely and on time. There are different types of car transportation services: Door to door pick-up and delivery; Enclosed and open air auto transport; International/overseas shipping; Motorcycle transportation; Boat/RV shipping.

Exporting and Importing Automobiles
Exporting or Importing? Make sure you know all of the "ins and outs" BEFORE you try to export or import that new car or truck. A single mistake can cost you time, money and you might even lose your vehicle in the process! Be sure to check with The Department of Homeland Security rules and reulations on importing and exporting autos. See choosing the right shipping company.

Auto Repair Manuals and Books
For "Repair & Technical Info" ALLDATAdiy.com is easy to use and contains all of the original manufacturer's repair, diagnostic and repair procedures. Easy navigation and search tools allow you to quickly get to the info you need to do the job and hyperlinks insure that you can get to related info at the push of a button. ALLLDATAdiy.com provides the most current Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and Recalls for your vehicle. More Than A Manual! ALLDATAdiy.com provides more detailed diagrams and repair information than any paper manual. And ALLDATAdiy.com is never generic - all information is specific to your vehicle. For DIYers there are new OBD reader android apps that can access your vehicle On-Board-Diagnostics computer to help you locate problems by reading your vehicle computer error codes - Auto Doctor Torque Lite (OBD2 & Car).

Get FREE Quotes On Your New Car or Truck
Ready to buy or lease? Use AutoPedia's Free "Shop & Compare" Quote System from the PriceQuotes services to locate the exact vehicle you want from the dealers in your area. Get exactly what you want, at the price you want with a Fast and Hassle-Free, No Obligation Quote!! The perfect solution for busy people who have better things to do than haggle with a car salesman.

Vehicle Directory
Looking for a particular vehicle? AUTOPEDIA® is introducing a new Vehicle Directory format with information and links to ALL of the major sources of pricing information available today. Since the type and depth of information offered by each is different, consumers will now be able to select from all currently available sources. Check it out for yourself here.

AUTOPEDIA® provides access to concise vehicle pricing information including both MSRP(sticker) price and dealer invoice costs including freight and standard equipment. Coverage will also include reviews, options, EPA mileage estimates, exterior and interior color availability and more. Calculate your auto loan payments with two different Loan Payment Calculators.

Auto Manufacturers
AUTOPEDIA has the most up-to-date and complete listing of all the manufacturer Internet sites available today, with more listings than any other directory! - Some sites are reeeeeal sloooooow, but if you have the patience - they're worth visiting. Or, if you want to contact the manufacturer, here are their toll free 800 telephone numbers.

, and also have a look at the new scion 2013 tC

Dealers, Dealers, Dealers
The DealerPedia™ Dealer Directory is the most complete national dealer directory on the Internet. Want to know the name and location of a dealer near you or in another state? It's all in the DealerPedia™.

AUTOPEDIA® recommends Jennings KIA as the premier KIA dealer in the Northeast UK, with unsurpassed customer service with a long history and proud heritage of automotive excellence since 1917.

Got a horror story or dealer to recommend? Fill out our Dealer Survey Form and tell us your car buying story, especially if you've had either a great or a bad experience with a car dealer and want to recommend or warn others. You can make a difference.

Rebates and Incentives
Listings of consumer rebates and incentives available to buyers, many of which are not advertised or promoted by manufacturers or dealers.

Negotiating - How to Get the Absolute Best Deal
A few simple negotiating techinques that can save you thousands on your new car or truck. How to use the information to your greatest advantage. How knowing a single fact can prevent a salesman from taking advantage of you.

OR if you're ready to buy or lease, use AutoPedia's "Shop & Compare" Quote System from three great sources, PriceQuotes (New & Used) and iMOTORS (New & Used) InterQuote-RFP™ services to locate the exact vehicle you want from dealers in your area. Get exactly what you want, at the price you want with a Fast and Hassle-Free, "No Obligation" Quote!!! The perfect solution for busy people who have better things to do than haggle with a car salesman.

Used Car Buyer's Guide
Use N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides, the world's largest publisher appraisal guides for used vehicles including: Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, ATVs, Personal Watercraft, RVs, Classic Cars, and Boats too!

The Used Car Buyer's Guide is a comprehensive checklist covering the entire process of buying a used car. Based on a guide written by Lawrence Buja & Roger Garnett, you can spare yourself the headaches and uncertainty usually associated with a used car purchase.

FREE Record Check: Before buying a used car. Protect yourself with an AutoCheck vehicle history report!

CARFAX: Don't buy a "used car" without a CARFAX Report.

Recalls & Safety Notices
TORRANCE, Calif., Feb. 12, 2014 - Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., today announced that it is advising the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of plans to conduct voluntary safety recalls of approximately 700,000 Model Year 2010-2014 Prius vehicles and, combined, approximately 260,000 Model Year 2012 Toyota RAV4, 2012-2013 Toyota Tacoma, and 2012-2013 Lexus RX 350 vehicles sold in the United States to address two separate issues. (Note: an additional 997,000 Prius vehicles in Japan and 130,000 in Europe are also being recalled. Source: USA Today)

On-line database access to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's recall notices and voluntary manufacturer technical service bulletins (TSBs).

NHTSA announces ruling that allows air bag cut-off switches to be installed under certain circumstances. Complete air bag information is also available.

Crash Tests, Theft Reports and Driver Death Rates
There are two comprehensive crash testing programs. One run by the Department of Transportation's NHTSA, which sponsors the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and another sponsored by various insurance comapnies through the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Frontal crash tests are somewhat similar, while NHTSA adds side impact crash tests, and the IIHS performs low speed damage assesment tests.

NHTSA Theft Ratings are compiled from information provided by the FBI and auto manufacturers, while the IIHS provides Injury, Collision and Theft Summaries and Driver Death Rates based upon claims statistics.

(AUTOPEDIA's Lemon Law Coverage was awarded Yahoo's 1998 Internet Life 4 Star Award.)

Warranties, Repair and Service
Are you covered by your manufacturer warranty? Should you get an extended warranty? Like to work on it yourself or save money by having repairs or service performed by independent service technicians?

Are your "Air Bags....a lot of hot air?" Did you know it can cost you up to $4,000.00 just to repair your air bags? And what about your bumpers? Are your bumpers giving you the protection you thought they were - "You call that a bumper?". Heard about the proposed 20% insurance rate hike for sport utility vehicles.

Extended Warranty
CarChex - Has your auto warranty expired or is about to expire? Are you considering a used car? Don't let your car go unprotected, get your FREE auto protection quote at CarChex today! CarChex vehicle service contracts (commonly referred to as an extended auto warranty) are among the best in the business with low prices, affordable payments, and numerous benefits. Choose the company that has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and has provided car inspection services nationwide. Read customer reviews and see the difference for yourself. Get your free quote today! (Read "Do You Really Need an Extended Warranty?" for more.)

Warranty Direct - Free Quotes - Extended Warranty for a new or used car or for your boat or jet ski. You now have an alternative to the high price of dealer sold extended warranties. Business Alliance Insurance Company and its licensed agent, Warranty Direct Insurance Services now offer a top of the line, exclusionary mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) policy. Warranty Direct has provided similar coverages nationwide for over 23 years and has been selected a Forbes Magazine Top 200 Company three times.

Auto Signage, Decals and Wraps
Car signs are popular items for businesses as well as the casual car owner hoping to add a little flare to their vehicle. Whether for business or pleasure these signs are continuing to be seen more and more on the road. Two favored types of car signs are car magnets and car window decals because of the affordability, easy installation, and the ability to remove them if needed.

Wheels and Tires
Complete information on after market wheels and tires including: comparisons, ratings, and prices. Listings of brands and recomended retail outlets offering substantial savings to consumers. Results of a comprehensive Tire Opinion Survey from hundreds of consumers with opinions and recommendations from the actual owners of various makes of tires.

AUTOPEDIA's Tire BBS, is where you get the "lowdown" from real tire owners before you plunk down your hard earned money, or post your very own 'tire story' for the world to read. Give others the benefit of your experience with a particular brand of tire. Everything and anything about tires is fair game. C'mon, tell us your tire story!

Stereos, Phones, Alarms and More
Links to car audio manufacturers and retailers including everything from used to the highest end custom car audio components available today. Reviews and recomendations on aftermarket stereos, cassettes and CD players, cellular phones, alarms, radar detectors/jammers and every other accessory you can think of, with car audiophile links containing the experiences and tips from consumers just like you!

Tips on preventing you car or truck from being burglarized.

Enthusiasts & Clubs
Enthusiasts, classic car collectors, car club members, and lovers of automobillia in general. From vintage to prototypes, hot rods to muscle cars, exotics to not-so-exotic and everything in between -- including museums, repairs, manuals, parts, specialty shops, and on and on. If there's an interest, there's a link!

Introducing Stuttgart-West™, the Porschephiles place in the AUTOPEDIA®, where you'll find everything Porsche and Porsche-everything.

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