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Auto Insurance Check-Up

by Kimiko Ramirez

Are you paying too much for your auto insurance?

You could be paying more than FOUR TIMES as much for your auto insurance as you should be! That's right, FOUR TIMES as much!

Don't believe it? Just take a look at the following table showing the actual prices charged for indentical coverage and see for yourself. Remember, these prices are for IDENTICAL coverage.

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State Coverage Region Lowest Highest
Arizona Married male, age 48, 30 mi. round trip to work. Phoenix, AZ
$406.00* $1,625.00*
California Male/Female, age 30, 15 mi. to work, 12,000 miles/yr. San Francisco, CA $469.00 $1,711.00
California Male/Female, age 30, 15 mi. to work, 12,000 miles/yr. Los Angeles, CA $722.00 $2,661.00
Ohio Single Female, age 35, w/17 year old son as add'l driver. Cincinnati, OH
$343.00 $1,374.00
New York Adult unmarried male, 35, drives 10 miles to work.
Hempstead, NY $517.00
Texas Male 25-64, Female 21- 64. Drive to and from work. Dallas, TX $291.00 $1,932.00
Virginia Married, age 45, 12,000 miles, accident free past 3 years. Alexandria, VA $618.00 $2,414.00
Washington Married Couple, both 23, two cars, drive to and from work.
Seattle, WA $400.00* $1,848.00*
Wisconsin Single male, age 21, 12 mi to work. 20,000 miles/yr/ Milwaukee, WI $660.00* $1,467.00*
*Six month premiums
(From official data published by the State Departments of Insurance.)