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Consumers should understand that manufacturers DO NOT officially provide invoice cost information to anyone. And since there are no officially authorized sources for invoice pricing information, AUTOPEDIA® provides access to pricing information from over 50 sources as well as links to all manufacturer internet sites. Consumers will also find discrepencies between the sources, with each source providing slightly different versions of the same information. There are also differences in the overall amount of data provided and how that data is structured, with some sites being downright confusing. (Just look at the explanation between two different "invoice costs" at this site, and see if you aren't confused.)

You can sell your used car or it can be used for a car donation for tax purposes on your online tax return or whatever reason you might have. Having a better idea of new vehicle invoice pricing could help you significantly in estimating how low you might be able to haggle with your sales person for your brand new vehicle. With these sources and links to additional information you should be well prepared.

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These sites often do not have easily accessible pricing information, forcing consumer fill out a form that gets a quote from a dealer.

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