Best Vehicles for Magnetic Signs

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Car magnets are a durable car sign. They are very popular amongst business owners and startup companies because of the affordability and the easy installation process. The biggest advantage they have is the magnets can be removed and reapplied in seconds. Still, not all cars are designed whether directly or directly to hold car magnets.

Car magnets require a flat surface; obviously that surface needs to be metal. Some cars have curves and bumps for appeal but these cause the magnet to be unable to stick properly. If that is the case it will fall off. A flat, metal surface with little trim is the best for car magnets. Below are a few good vehicles for car magnets to be applied:

Best Overall: Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius might just be the best option for car magnets. The doors are flat and very wide allowing for tons of surface space to place the magnet, creating symmetry. The doors have small curves rounding on the sides of the vehicle and add more possibilities for the magnet to be placed. The most prominent benefit to the Prius for a small business is its eco-impact and gas mileage.

Best Larger Car: Chevrolet Malibu
The Chevrolet Malibu has no trim on the doors, which are also very long. Like the Prius, this creates a lot of room for signage. Indirectly related, the Malibu is an economical, comfortable vehicle.

Best SUV/Crossover: Scion xB
The xB might be an interesting looking vehicle but it is popular among businesses. Its front doors are tall and wide allowing them to hold larger magnetic signs. Businesses have always enjoyed the storage space and respectable fuel economy.

Best Truck: Toyota Tundra
Trucks are a common choice for car magnets and other car signs. The Toyota Tundra offers more room than others. Unlike other trucks with large, chrome lettering taking up space on the body of the truck, the Tundra is placed lower and the lettering is smaller. This allows for more space on the body of the truck for magnets. An added bonus is that the trim on the door is also much lower on the door.

Best Small Car: Volkswagen Beetle
Many businesses used small vehicles rather than large trucks or cars. Maid services, technical support, and other related fields do not need a big car to do business. The Volkswagen Beetle is great for two reasons. The first is that people cannot stop staring at the Beetle. The second reason it is great for magnets is the tall, flat doors. There is a slight curve but it is not going to affect the magnet. A business is bound to be noticed with a car magnet and a Beetle