Porsche European Delivery - The Ultimate Vacation

Your Arrival - At either the Stuttgart or Leipzig factory.
Taking Delivery and Touring Europe - Touring Europe in a brand new "factory fresh" Porsche represents the ultimate vacation for all driving enthusiasts. Fortunately, the Porsche European Delivery Program can easily make your ultimate dream vacation a reality.
Factory Collection at Zuffenhausen - Over 60 years of Porsche tradition and history is reason enough to pick up your car directly from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. When you pick up your new Porsche directly from the factory headquarters, you not only receive a day full of anticipation, but also a whole day's journey of discovery touring the fascinating world that is Porsche - from the inside.
Porsche Travel Club - Enjoy driving your brand new Porsche on a road trip through some of the most attractive regions in Europe. Spend a few days staying at the finest hotels along some of the most historic and impressive routes in all of Europe.
Shipping your Porsche back Home