JITBIT Macro Recorder

Saturday, November 28, 2020

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The JITBIT Macro Recorder program does exactly what it says it will do - and that is record repetitive keystrokes and mouse movements so that they can be played back with a single keystroke combination.

Just think of how much of you daily workload is repetitive. Think of all the Excel spreadsheets and html pages that you deal with every day and how much of the work load is entering the same lines of code/text or cutting and pasting cells over and over until your mouse and fingers are fried. Anything that is repetitive can be turned into a macro, and with JITBIT's Macro Recorder it's easy to get started and it pretty much works as advertised - certainly much better than the bulk of competitors.

Imagine being able to record a long sequence of keystrokes and/or mouse movements and being able to play back those keystrokes and mouse movements EXACTLY the same way every time. No errors. No missed keystrokes. No typing fatigue. Well, that is what a "macro program" does - and JITBIT's Macro Recorder does it simply and without the huge learning curve that many other similar programs demand.

One of the best things about JITBIT's Macro Recorder is that it starts at the most basic level and then can be upgraded to more and more sophisticated macro programming as needed. From simple mouse clicks and cut and paste to complex C# code programming. It's all here. And while we cannot speak to the complex programming side of the program - it handles all of the html data entry that we have been able to throw at it.

Repetitive menus, buttons, headers, anaylytics, dates, social media code, ad code and all of the other code that has to be consitently entered on every page of your website - all of these can be turned into macros that will reproduce the necessary code over and over again without errors. Web pages can be created in a matter of minutes, easily and with uniformity that eliminates the majority of keystroke errors.

We here at Autopedia highly recommend JITBIT's Macro Recorder as an essential "must have" along with "virus protection" and "backups" - for anyone who actively creates web pages.