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Welcome to one of the oldest and most trusted Lemon Law information sites on the Internet with complete coverage of all Lemon Law Statutes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

There are essentially three sets of laws that apply to defective vehicles and products in the United States.

4. A general example of a State "Lemon Law" (California Civil Code Section 1793.22)

Many Lemon Law Attorneys offer free consultations in person, via toll-free phone numbers and/or email to let consumers know what their options are. Even if your case doesn't meet the requirements under the Lemon Law for your state, there may be other statues or laws, including federal laws that may be able to help you. Always mention "AutoPedia" in your communications with any Law Firm and be sure to report any problems or issues that you experience with any of the listed firms.

If you need to make an out of state call with an attorney and one or more extra parties, we recommend looking into some decent conference call Services that provide custom size and duration of their packages.

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