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After you consider the beauty of the Q45, it's now time to introduce you to the beast. The new Q45's 266 horsepower, 4.1-liter 32-valve V8 engine offers a variety of improvements over last year's engine. It's lighter and more fuel efficient, and thanks to Infiniti's microfinishing technology and molybdenum-coated pistons, it's sure to run smoothly for years to come. Its four camshafts activate 32 valves within a light, but strong aluminum block. The engine is fed by an electronic sequential mutli-point fuel injection system, which is managed by the Electronic Concentrated Control System (ECCS). The ECCS gives every Q45 extremely smooth upshifts, impressive 0 to 60 acceleration and a top speed of 144 mph (electronically governed).

But the Q45 is more than just powerful; it's also practical with hydraulic valve adjusters, electronically controlled variable valve timing, platinum tipped spark plugs that you won't need to replace for 60,000 miles and a direct ignition system. Ultimately, this will mean reduced maintenance, increased fuel efficiency and better performance over the engine's entire operating range.

Q45 Suspension
By combining the proven FRONT STRUT-TYPE SUSPENSION design with Infiniti's MULTI-LINK REAR SUSPENSION, the Q45 offers the best of both worlds. All the luxury and comfort you expect from a flagship model, plus performance features like better handling characteristics and a tighter turning radius. Front and rear stablizer bars insure maximum stability and handling characteristics.(DETAIL VIEW)

Electronically Controlled Transmission
Infiniti's ECCS and electronically controlled four-speed automactic transmission with lockup torque converter and viscous limited-slip differential gives every Q45 extremely smooth up-shifts by working in tandem with the engine. The lockup torque converter not only reduces cabin noise, it helps the Q45 achieve a respectable EPA* estimated 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

*EPA-estimated figures are for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage may vary depending on driving conditions.

Four Wheel Disc Brakes w/ABS
The Q45 four-wheel power assisted disc brakes are highly responsive with excellent brake pedal feel. Under heavy use on hills or steep grades, the provide superior fade resistance. And in slippery or emergency situations, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) helps you maintain control during critical stops providing both safety and performance.

Q45 Standard Traction Control System
To assure you good handling during bad conditions the Infiniti Q45 provides standard TRACTION CONTROL SYSTEM (TCS) with an integrated viscous limited-slip differential (VLSD). During situation where one or both of the rear wheels begin to spin, the TCS automatically throttles down the engine by way of a secondary throttle. This response slows the engine speed to match the road condtions. Additionally, Infiniti's VLSD will transfer power to the rear wheel that is gripping. All of this takes place in a split second, which, in an emergency situation, is usually all you have.

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